Rose's Thorns

Site History

Rose's Thorns went through many incarnations before it became a domain. See how it evolved from its humble beginnings on geocities to the site it is today.

On Geocities

In 2000 I named my current website Rose's Thorns on geocities. I took the name from "And so it Goes" by Billy Joel, inspired from the line "and every time I've held a rose, it seems I've only felt the thorns." I changed content around several times and eventually had a site comprised of a personality test, two poems, a guestbook, and a link to my live journal. Later I also created the Blue Rose, a shrine to Cowboy Bebop as well as my Sock Monkey site, and both were linked from Rose's Thorns.

The Site that Never Was

I created a site with web graphics as well as old content from my previous websites with plans to upload it to a domain, but I never did. It was a pop up design with a very red splash page. It was a good experience at designing a site, but it was unfortunate that it did not go past my own personal computer.

The Blue Rose

In 2004, the webmaster of offered to host my Cowboy Bebop website. I couldn't refuse an offer to move off of geocities for free. Rose's Thorns closed on geocities, and I published the content that I wanted the most onto the Blue Rose, including content pages from the site that I never uploaded. Now that content has moved back to Rose's Thorns and The Blue Rose stands alone as a focus on the Cowboy Bebop series.

Domain of its Own

Finally in 2005 I decided to reinvent my site and make it better than it has been before. I decided to focus on graphics, but offer fun and informative content as well. This domain is my new home, and I hope to continue growing and expanding to offer new content and a reason to return to Rose's Thorns.