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January 18 2010: Icon Updates

New icons have been posted in the following categories: Cities, Food and Drink, Nature

New categories with icons have been created: Human Giant and Objects

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November 01 2009: Malware Removed

This site was recently hacked, so you may still see a message from google asking if you are sure you want to visit this site. I deleted all of the site's files and re-uploaded them, so there should not be an ugly iframe at the bottom of the page linking to an outside site. If you detect anything suspicious on this site, please contact me immediately so that I may remove it. Thanks for your help.

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August 08 2009: New Icons

New icons have been added under Fruits Basket (5), Futurama (2) and Saiyuki (28). Category of Vampire Knight was created with four icons. Also three icons were added under Avatar the Last Airbender back in January.

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July 23 2008: New Quiz!

New Avatar: The Last Airbender quiz! All the hype of watching the finale made me obsessed and so I wrote a little quiz. You can still take it if you're not familiar with the show, but it's more fun if you are! Which Element do you Bend?

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July 06 2008: Yet More Icons!

I have joined some icon contests on livejournal, and when voting is over I'll be posting my icons here for everyone to use. As always, if you hover over the icon in Explorer, it will show credits, if any.

The communities I am in are: Animal_Icontest, City_Challenge, Nature_Icontest and Travel_Icontest.

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June 21 2008: More Icons!

Check out 5 new Inuyasha icons, plus I've added 6 Fruit's Basket, 8 Metal Gear Solid and 2 Death Note to choose from!

If you'd like to request icons for the site or personal use, please reply to this or email me (marilyn AT

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May 26 2008: New Avatars!

Uploaded 14 avatars from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" using screencaps from and Apollo. I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted text or not, so some have multiple versions. Check 'em out! ^^

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March 09 2008: New Avatars!

Uploaded 30 avatars from the game "Eternal Sonata," as well as finished uploading all the Jyu-Oh-Sei/Planet of the Beast King icons I had previously made. Several of the "Sonata" icons are blank, so feel free to add your own text.

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February 16 2008: Mass Effect Fanlisting

Check out the Mass Effect fanlisting I made. And go play the game if you haven't already!

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June 24 2007: 4 New Jyu-Oh-Sei Avatars Uploaded

I uploaded 4 new Jyu-Oh-Sei icons tonight. Eventually there will be at least one icon of all the main cast!

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